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Welcome on our website




Welcome on our website. Together we concentrate on first prizes + ace pigeons on every distance 100 - 1100 km.


In very short time we start to win fantastic results on every level! Thanks top pigeons from the best fanciers from Belgium and Germany we could very fast to join Europe top fanciers!


Last times we decided to play on some OLRs in Europe. Inmidiately we achieved great results!






We have lots of fantastic pigeons from the best lofts of Europe, wich are crossed together and this way, we created new own blood lines, wich give us fantastic breeders and racers, who can win against more than         8 000 pigeons. We connected the best blood lines from Belgium, Netherland and Germany and this way our pigeons can win in very difficult races from 100-1100km.




1. Freialdenhofen & Sons fantastic family with one on the best pigeons in Europe for race 300km-1200km. They are 6x Champion of German in Long Distance (the most important Races in Europe: BARCELONA, BORDEAUX, PERPIGNAN, PAU, TOURBES). Pigeons from Freialdenhofen are fantastic race pigeons and breeding pigeon in the all world. We have the birds from: Forrest Gump, Marseilie Star, Barcelona King, Diana, de Favorit, The last Son of Max, Sprinter, Programme Cock.



2. Last time we introduced in our breeding loft the best pigeons on the world at the moment. They are Rauw Sablon and Flor Vervoort. We have 22 birds( inbreds, chilren, grandchildren from the top pigeons like

          - Lucky 848

          - Dromer

          - Bak 17

          - Kaasboer

          - Miss Joice

          - Freddy

         - Fieneke 5000

- New Freddy



3. Heinz Willi Ritz - one of the best pigeons fanciers in the world. He has got pigeons from Janssen Brother (for example Line VOS 74). Champion of Germany. We have the birds from: Blue Orleans, "100" Kleine Dirk, die Brave etc.



4. Hilaire Surinx- Champion of Belgium. He works together with Family Herbots. The main birds: Asterix, Filipo, Crack, Nationaal I



5. Lambrecht-Lismont - one of the best lofts in the world. They win lots of championships and 1. Prizes. The pigeons from De Matz und lots of another birs.



6. N&F Norman - everbody knows this name! In opinion of lots of pigeon fanciers the best pigeons fanciers of the world. Thei pigeons fly well in every place on the world (Zorro, Nicolas, Tovenaar etc.).



7. Eddy & Roger Grootjans - fantastic pigeons fanciers from Belgium, they are new power in Belgium. Their pigeons win in the races 100-800km. Pox, Maurice Bliksem



8. Geert & Clara Philips - Champion of Belgium. Their pigeons make them proud and famous on the all world. we have direct children from Olympic Sazil, Lezil, Sanex, Figo etc. In lots of pigeons from Mr Geert is the blood of Ceasert-Senechal blood.



9. Huub Hermans - one of the best players in Holland on Middle-Long Distance. We have from him top irds like: Inbreed Kanibaal, 006, Bliksem, Blue Magic, Mr Blue etc.



10. Benny Steveninck Blood - We don't have to describe this person in our sport. We have the grandchildren from the world famous birds: Chipo, Hautekiet, Zanini. This fantastic birds for example inbred CHIPOS etc. we have from top Fanciers from Germany SG MACK PIGEONS RACING



11. Theoor Backs - Top german player and producent the products for the pigeons.

We have from Mr. Theo pigeons from line like: Kleine Dirk and Ringlose, 330, Beatrixdoffer etc.



12. Leo Heremans (SG SCHLIEF STIENS)- He is living legend of our sport. We have in our loft the birds from the line" 003" Olympiade, Euro, Safir, Nieuwe Rossi, Jan, 444 etc.



13. Bart Geerinckx - His Gladiator makes him famous on all the world, Thank SG MACK RACING PIGEONS we have in our breeding lofts Greatchildren from GLADIATOR and Witekoop Sylvester etc.                                                                  



14. Comb. Verbree -  one of the best pigeons fanciers in Holland and whole Europe. Their pigeons fly fantastic result in big numbers of pigeons from 100km till 900km. Allround race special for also yearlings is that what their pigeons love!



15. Gebr. Herbots - we introduced the pigeons specially inbreeds birds for IVAN. We hope it will be good choice.



16. Soontjens ( A.Hendrix) - Last time we decided to bring new pigeons from old line but wordl famous until today. Soontjens 100% pure birds. Specially we bought inbreed and very near family to De Super 36 10 x 1 !



17. A&W Drapa ( SG Garhammer) - the pigeons from this family we introduce specially for their fantastic feather! The pigeons are fantastic in the hand with great body and muscles!

- Ronaldo



- Maya

- Biene




18. C&G Koopman + G. Prange - We brought new pigeons to refresh our other bloods, and as all know we are still looking for for the best!

- Kleine Dirk

- Mister Wonderfull

- Queen the N'Lands

- Annelies

- 261

- Ringlose

- Miss Bourges

- 520



19. Pure 100% Jannssen  - The pigeons kept in pure 100% Janssen blood since 1945! We introduced these pigeons in the 2016 to keep history in our lofts and check the quality in compaire to new lines! The pigeons are only original blue and red colour! In 4 generations kept the original blood for over than 50 years! The blue pigeons from best Jannsens originals + VOS world famous line for red winners!




20. Pure 100% Stichelbout - The pigeons kept in pure 100% Stichelbout blood since 1940! We introduced these pigeons in 2016 to keep history in our lofts and check the quaity in compaire to new lines! The pigeons are only original dark colour! In 4 generations kept the original blood for over than 50 years!



21. Schloemer Lofts  - Fanstastic extreme long distance birds! We introduced the pigeons from line SKY and Lady Barcelona! SKY is olympic pigeon who was 11 basketed and won 11 prizes from races over 800km !!! We have children, grandchildren and inbreeds of this wonderfull ELD - pigeon!





Also the fanciers from all world are more and more interested in our pigeons, they play with success in such countries like:






On our website you can see our results and photos of breeding pigeons and racing pigeons.


Our pigeons win TOP results by other pigeons fanciers, you can see part "references".